I believe pretty much anyone and everyone can benefit from therapy. Therapy for me is about giving unconditional positive regard to help you solve your own problems or issues. Therapy offers you the personal space to understand and accept yourself better.

Therapy is about getting to know yourself on a more intimate level. Discovering facets of yourself by exploring the feelings and thoughts underlying habits, unconscious patterns and repetitive emotions. It is about becoming more true to yourself and bringing that authentic self out into the world.

Your current problems and issues are a doorway for you to enter into your deeper self, to love and accept that self and feel free.

I believe you have the wisdom to deal with your issues, to solve your problems, though it may not seem that way now. I hold space for you without judgment and with unconditional positive regard, such that the light of awareness shines forth and you can choose to be the way you want to be.

In the process we might play with colors, with movement, with role-plays, with sand trays, meditations, visualizations, picture post cards, collages or just sit and talk as the case may be.

If you are coming in as a couple it is not all that different. The unconscious patterns in the relationship will be brought into the light. Your projections on the partner will be considered and explored to reveal their origins.

As a family, we will look at who gets to be the identified patient and what the IP carries for the family. The family unit will be the client and its sub-relationships will be explored and brought into awareness.

The choice is yours. You may use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, to grow, develop and change. You are welcome to come in, sit down and you will have taken the first step.