About Me


my name is Meenal Chaudhari. I have completed a MA in Counseling Psychology from Holistic Studies department, JFKU. This was my second masters. Prior to that I did a MA in Clinical Psychology from India and worked as a psychotherapist in India for several years. Additionally, I have delved into several meditation techniques, yoga, transpersonal psychology and somatic work.

I use the five layers or sheaths called Koshas that Yoga believes the self comprises of. The physical body that most consider to be the self is only the most dense layer. Subtler than that is the energy or pranic layer. Then comes the emotional-mental layer also seen by some as colors corresponding to diffeent feelings. The intellectual/intuitve or the wisdom layer is next, more subtle and more expansive than the prior three and encompassing them too. Finally the bliss layer is the subtlest of them all and it encompasses all the other layers and extends over and beyond them. This is the framework I operate out of.

I also believe my clients are offering me mirrors to my Self. When I have a reaction to anything they might say or do it becomes my work to explore what is going on with me. Otherwise I remain a container of awareness and compassion.

I use writing, painting, acting and dance for creative expression in personal life and in therapy. I have a website of my artworks and writings www.Digmeart.com

I am an adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy School of Psychology at National University. I enjoy teaching 'Body-Oriented Psychotherapy' and offering an experiential course in 'Group Therapy'.

I play the role of the Creative Director for Body_Wisdom, an organization that offers workshops and provides trainings in the world of psychotherapy and counseling as well as to the general public.

I served pro-bono as the Clinical Director of A Home Withinfor their Santa Clara chapter from 2014 to 2020. It is the only national organization that provides open ended individual psychotherapy to former and current foster youth free of cost.

My spiritual practice is an essential element of who I am. I serve at the Self Realization FellowshipLos Gatos Centerin whatever way I can.